Miscellaneous 3D Pictures

Miscellaneous 3D Pictures All priced @ $59.99
Beautiful eye catching 3D pictures for home, cabin or office.
Hand made cedar frames with natural edges with Minnesota
Wood. Finished in laquer for a beautiful finish.
Sawtooth on back for hanging.
Dimensions may vary up to an inch with the natural edge sides of frame.

Pictures Available
Mother & Cubs Wolf 22” W x 24”H x ¾
3 Wolves with Moon 22”W x 24”H x ¾
Squirrel 26”W x 20”H x ¾
Deer Flip **26”W x 20”H x ¾
Moose Flip **26”W x 20”H x ¾
**Flip picture is 3 pictures inside one picture**

Mother Wolf & Cubs

3 Wolves with Moon


Deer Flip

Moose Flip